Smart wearable health monitoring devices

CardioX is developing unique products that have no competitors on the market, and have significant advantages compared to other similar products.

We developed a sleek and comfortable device that empowers athletes and enthusiasts to optimize their training, improve performance, recovery techniques and make informed decisions about their health. Our device provides real-time data on vital metrics, this allows to track performance and make immediate adjustments for better results. With data on heart rate zones and other essential parameters , coaches can tailor workouts to individual athletes’ needs and fitness levels, identify signs of overexertion or potential health issues, help to prevent injuries and ensure safe and effective workouts. Use it individually or in a team mode, recreational or professional sports, create personal or group challenges – possibilities are endless

Integration with other technologies such as mobile apps and online platforms, creating a seamless and interconnected fitness ecosystem. Moreover, we have developed and offer an API to integrate external ECG data sources with the CardioX mathematical core.

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How it works

Designed to provide continuous clinical grade ECG tracking anytime, anywhere!

Arrhythmia Assessment and Data EvaluationHelps you keep track of your heart health and avoid heart-related issues by detecting slight changes in your cardiac patterns. Provides early assesment and informs about best treatment options and prevention techniques tailored to your condition and lifestyle.

Early Detection of Atrial FibrillationAdvanced mathematical analysis drastically improves diagnosis decision-making. CardioX shares your medical data with your doctor, while greatly reducing guess work and amount of time spent on testing. Built-in notifications alert you and your emergency contacts of any worsening of your heart condition.
Continuous Monitoring of Cardiac Risk FactorsContinuously monitors your heart rate and helps you keep track of your health and fitness levels. Calculates your target and maximum heart rate during training to help you structure workouts smarter. Achieve your fitness goals faster, while keeping your heart healthy with CardioX.

Real time blood pressure monitoringBy combining just a short Cardio X ECG graph section and cutting edge mathematical formulas it is now possible to get real blood pressure reading without tonometer.


CardioX team is working in a number of areas, including the development of wearable devices for humans and animals with a wide range of monitoring functions, as well as Softwear.

CardioX AI is built on hundreds of thousands of actual clinical records, engineering, mathematics and programming.This dalso allowed us to create a vast neural network that is designed to constantly learn to evaluate real life health parameters and provide accurate preliminary diagnosis. We see endless possibilities to improve accuracy and number of relevant cardiovascular health attributes that were only possible to obtain in a lab setting.


CardioX AI

CardioX isn’t just a device for tracking and recording ECG, but a diverse team of professionals with decades of experience in medicine, engineering, mathematics and programming.

In the process of developing and improving CardioX ECG monitor, we have managed to attain invaluable medical data that allows us to evaluate and interpret hundreds of thousands of records in order to find the best machine learning algorithms for detecting abnormalities in cardiac patterns.

CardioX ground-breaking hardware and software technology

have enabled the development of sensors and algorithms that can acquire and process highly accurate data noninvasively and through minimal skin contact. We offer new features combined in one small device that will help to replace many different devices, help a lot of customers and patients to keep on track with their health, and save time.

The devices do both photoplethysmogram and cardiogram, this gives much more accurate results than ECG or PPG alone.

The Software, using Artificial intelligence is able to estimate blood pressure by cardiogram, can read and convert ECG to a digital value.

But not only that,
our devices help to exclude

  • Hypertension (HTN)
  • Heart failure (HF)
  • Coronary artery disease (CAD)
  • Stroke
  • Pulmonary embolism (PE)
  • Arrhythmia

Or help to confirm

  • Electrolyte deficiency
  • Atrioventricular Block
  • Respiratory system pathologies
  • Cyanosis

The devices can also measure temperature, Heart Rate Variability, PPG (volumetric variations of blood circulation), Oxygen saturation, etc.

Our devices

Connect Duo
ECG Monitor

An innovative method for obtaining a cardiogram using two non-galvanically connected devices.

The wireless technology of separate recording of biopotentials allows you to qualitatively and conveniently obtain continuous cardiogram in several leads. Each of the independent devices measures the biopotential, then using these data, the mathematical reconstruction of the cardiogram occurs, followed by its analysis.

CardioX Device

The device is designed for analysis of the cardiovascular system and overall health condition.

In addition to continuously recording ECG data, our device combines state-of-the-art measurement methods such as photoplethysmography and bioimpedance (BIA), monitors heart rate and heart rate variability, and calculates blood pressure using AI technology. With its vast capabilities, this complex tool measures various health indicators, including heart activity, oxygen level, body composition, fluid levels, temperature, stress level and so much more.

Animal ECG
recording device

The device is designed for continuous recording of an ECG high sampling frequency signal and can be used for ECG testing of medium and large animals, such as rats, guinea pigs, rabbits, cats, dogs.

Scope of application: pharmaceutical tests, student training in human and animal physiology courses, continuous monitoring of physiological parameters, veterinary.





Monitoring Capabilities

Heart Rate????
Heart Rate Variability???
AI blood pressure calculation???
ECG Rythm???
Live streaming???
Episodic and continuous data recording?? 
Momentarily and retrospective data access???
Remote monitoring and data sharing???
Add-ons available?? 
Ad-hoc heart function monitoring?? 
PPG (volumetric variations of blood circulation)?? 
Digital thermometer?? 
Oxygen saturation?? 
Data recording???
Bioimpedance (BIA)?? 

Device and APP Specifications

Compact ergonomic design????
Replaceable adhesive electrodes ? 
Shower resistant?? 
Continual working time up to 3 days without recharging in the operating mode, and for up to 3 weeks in the standby mode. ? 
Wireless or type-C USB charging???
Belt kit for heavy loads ? 
User-friendly mobile and web interface???
Splash resistant???
Replaceable electrodes clipped on with press buttons ??
Equipped with fabric binding for animals  ?


Mobile application

The monitor is equipped with bluetooth that allows it to transmit heart activity data to the mobile device in real time.

Our user friendly mobile application will display acquired data in ECG graph and provide preliminary analysis.

If any abnormality is detected, the application will sound a signal to bring user’s awareness to a potential issue.

Secure cloud database
with web portal

All collected heart activity data is stored on a secure server and can be accessed via web portal at any time.

The portal provides in depth analysis of user’s cardiac activity that can be shared with health care professionals.

The data can be presented in user friendly infographics or detailed reports ready for integration with other systems.


Embracing the change in cardiology

With a compact wearable ECG tracking device, that collects your heart activity data 24/7, it’s become our priority to help people take charge of their cardiovascular health. To provide accurate and meaningful analysis, invaluable for early detection and diagnosis of cardiac disorders.

Our mission is to improve quality of life of people dealing with heart disease. But mainly to help prevent any future risk of cardiac issues by implementing new features and adding valuable scientific information to our products and portals.

CardioX devices have a wide range of applications

Recreational and professional sports

The devices are able to monitor the readiness of the person for the training, estimate the stress level during exercise, can indicate overtraining. If used for a period of time can monitor body changes during the training period, optimal recovery time between sport activities, and other physical parameters for wellness and professional sport.

Telemedicine, Elderly patients, kids, isolated individuals, Sport clubs and wellness centers

The ability to provide virtual care and track vitals such as ECG, temperature, blood pressure, etc., securely share gathered data through the smart platform. Ability to use devices during the day and night, in an active or relaxed lifestyle, during the other procedures and activities.

Medication therapy

Monitoring physical parameters and their changes during medication therapy to optimize the therapeutic outcomes of an individual patient as well as detect adverse events.

Scientific research

Tracking the physical parameters for non-standard conditions, and activities for both humans and animals.

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