Your Key to Vital Insights and Wellness
Monitor heart rate, oxygen level, heart rate variability, continuous ECG, stress level, bioimpedance analysis, and much more.
CardioX offers a comprehensive solution that allows continuous monitoring of several vital health indicators.

Our unique approach includes CardioX devices and software: mathematical core, artificial intelligence, reporting system, and an analytical platform for integration.

Revolutionizing Heart Health with Innovation and Precision

At CardioX we're not just creating a product — we're redefining the way people understand and manage their heart health. We provide personalized reports, helping clients set goals, track progress, and create effective diet and nutrition plans.

With CardioX, we're committed to transforming heart health management into an informed, accessible, and proactive journey. Join us in embracing this new era of heart health innovation.

This device is tailored for comprehensive cardiovascular and general health analysis. It records ECG continuously and integrates advanced measurement techniques like photoplethysmography and bioimpedance.

The device tracks heart rate and heart rate variability and employs AI to estimate blood pressure. It measures a wide range of health indicators such as heart activity, oxygen levels, body composition, fluid levels, temperature, and stress level, offering a multifaceted health assessment tool.
CardioX is your gateway to a world of innovation and unparalleled capabilities. Explore our website to discover a comprehensive solution that includes the CardioX device and cutting-edge software. Our unique offering encompasses a powerful mathematical core, state-of-the-art AI technology, a robust reporting system, and seamless integration options through API.

Dive into our feature comparison table to see how CardioX stacks up against the competition and experiences the future of vital sign monitoring.

Unique CardioX Features:
  • Blood pressure calculation
  • Photoplethysmography (volumetric variations of blood circulation)
  • Individual and group monitoring for up to 30 athletes
  • Handhold/adhesive electrodes/chest strap/smart clothing
  • Operation in radiofrequency and via Bluetooth
  • Data transmission at a distance of up to 450 meters
  • AI-driven personalized training and nutritional recommendations
  • AI-driven personalized stress management suggestions and breathing technics
Frontier X2
Heart Rate Monitors
Smart Watches
Heart Rate
Continuous and Exercise ECG
ECG Live-streaming
Heart Rate Variability
Temperature Tracker
Oxygen Saturation
Respiration Rate
Training Load
The BLE mode facilitates the connection between the cardiograph and a smartphone for personal device usage at close distances.

The RF mode enhances group connectivity, allowing for seamless operation in team settings such as fitness centers, sports events, and training sessions. It ensures stable and rapid data transmission across distances up to 450 meters, catering to groups of 30-40 athletes, with detailed tracking for each individual.
Elevate Your Fitness Studio Experience
Harnessing CardioX wearable tech for personalized training, community engagement, and strategic growth
  • Real-time monitoring
    Tracking of heart rate, calorie expenditure, heart rate zones, and key health metrics during both active workouts and rest periods.
  • Personalized workouts and injury prevention
    With data on performance, is possible to tailor workouts to individual needs and fitness levels, identify signs of overexertion or potential health issues, prevent injuries, and ensure safe and effective workouts.
  • Motivation, accountability, group challenges, and competitions
    Our devices can turn both individual and group workouts into a competition, not only motivating members to push themselves harder but simultaneously increasing the sense of community at the gym.
  • Performance tracking, goal setting and insights for improvement
    Collected data provide valuable insights into member behavior, preferences, and performance trends, helping fitness studios optimize their offerings and services.
  • Remote training and monitoring
    Remote training monitoring, allowing workouts outside the studio while still receiving guidance and support from instructors.
  • Customer retention and loyalty
    Utilizing our technology can enhance the overall customer experience, leading to increased customer satisfaction and improved member retention rates.
  • Integrations
    Our device can be integrated with other fitness studio technologies, such as mobile apps and online platforms, creating a seamless fitness ecosystem. The devices can monitor stress levels, and other health-related metrics, promoting a holistic approach to wellness and encouraging healthy lifestyle choices.
  • Data-driven marketing
    Collected data can be used for targeted marketing campaigns, offering personalized promotions and recommendations to members based on their fitness preferences and progress.
Clarification that the recommendations are predicated on height, gender, weight, and age

  • Profile description of the trainee encompassing height, gender, weight, and age.
  • Training objectives.
Our Mission:
Revolutionizing Health Monitoring in Sports and Science
At the heart of our mission is the development of a state-of-the-art monitoring system designed to safeguard the cardiac health of athletes in the high-stakes world of sports.

Our commitment is to bridge the gap between cutting-edge technology and practical application, promoting safety and well-being in sports, and contributing vital insights to the scientific community.
Problems we can solve
Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA): According to a study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, athletes have a 2.8 times higher risk of SCA than non-athletes in the same age group.

Importance of Immediate Response: The American Heart Association states that the survival rate from SCA decreases by 10% with every minute that passes without defibrillation. Real-time monitoring can be crucial for timely intervention.

Undetected Heart Conditions: A research piece from the NCAA found that 1 in every 44,000 NCAA athletes dies suddenly from undetected heart conditions.

Team Sports and Cardiac Events: Among sports-associated sudden cardiac deaths, basketball, soccer (football), and other team sports often top the list, suggesting the importance of team-wide monitoring.
Fabrice Muamba Incident: In 2012, professional footballer Fabrice
Muamba collapsed during a televised FA Cup match. He suffered from cardiac arrest and his heart stopped for 78 minutes. Thanks to swift medical intervention, he survived. This incident highlighted the
unpredictability of cardiac events in athletes and the necessity for
real-time monitoring.

Christian Eriksen Incident (2021): During a UEFA Euro 2020 football match, Danish player Christian Eriksen suddenly collapsed. Immediate medical intervention, including CPR, was required on the pitch, and he was later stabilized at a hospital. The incident was a stark reminder of the unpredictability of cardiac events even in top-tier, well-conditioned athletes.

Unsuspecting Marathoner: In 2019, a seasoned marathon runner
named Emma had been rigorously preparing for the Boston Marathon. Despite her impeccable training regimen and no prior symptoms, she suffered a sudden cardiac event during one of her training sessions, just weeks before the race. Her story is a compelling testament to the unpredictability of cardiac anomalies and the dire need for real-time monitoring, even in athletes who seem to be in peak physical condition.
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